Basic Sources:

The Tanach / Hebrew Bible
The New Jerusalem Bible (especially the edition that translates the Divine Names in Hebrew faithfully and includes notes and reference passages)
The JPS Torah Commentary (five volumes) General Editor Nahum M. Sarna
The Gospels and the New Testament
The Apocrypha (part of the Catholic Bible)
The Complete Works of Josephus (Josephus Flavius/Joseph ben Mattathias) translated by Wm. Whiston
"Philo of Alexandria" selections translated by David Winston
"In the Image of God" by Judith S. Antonelli (contains an extensive bibliography all relevant to Torah!)
"The Hebrew Goddess" by Raphael Patai
"Psalms" I, II, III by Mitchell Dahood (Anchor Bible)
"The Psalms" (two volumes) by Leopold Sabourin, S.J.
"Jewish-Christian Gospel Tradition" by A.F.J. Klijn
"Who Wrote the Bible?" by Richard Elliott Friedman
"The Prophets" (two volumes) by Abraham J. Heschel
"The Prophets" by Norman Podhoretz
"The Hebrew God" by Bernhard Lang

Works that center on the nexus between Judaism and Christianity:

"Middle Judaism" by Gabriele Boccaccini
"Jewish Within Judaism" by James H. Charlesworth
"Bridge between the Testaments" by Donald E. Gowan
"History of New Testament Times" by Robert H. Pfeiffer
"James the brother of Jesus" by Robert Eisenman
"A Rabbinic Commentary on the New Testament" by Samuel Tobias Lachs
"The Essenes According to the Classical Sources" Geza Vermes & Martin D. Goodman
"Judaism and Christianity" by Leo Baeck (translated by Walter Kaufmann)
"The Jewish Sect of Qumran and the Essenes" by A. Dupont-Sommer
"The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs" translated by R.H. Charles
"Gateway to the Mishnah" by Isidore Fishman
"The Mishnah - Oral Teachings of Judaism" by Eugene J. Lipman
"The Mishnah" by Herbert Danby
"Mishnah Megillah" by the Rev. Joseph Rabbinowitz (London)
"The Archeology of the New Testament" by Jack Finegan
"Jesus the Pharisee" by Harvey Falk
"Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus" by Susannah Heschel
"The Other Bible" edited with Introductions by Willis Barnstone
"The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son" by Joh D. Levenson
"The Transformation of Child Sacrifice in Judaism and Christianity"
"A Grammar of the Phoenician Language" by Zelig S. Harris
    (For use with Mitchell Dahood "Psalms")

Works that illuminate the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible:

"Canaanite Myths and Legends" by J. C. L. Gibson (Edinburgh)
"Ugaritic Manual" Grammar and Dictionary by Cyrus H. Gordon
"Ras Shamra Parallels" Vol. I Edited by Loren R. Fisher (Rome)
"Ras Shamra Parallels" Vol. III Edited by Stan Hummer (Rome)
"The Ancient Near East" edited by James B. Pritchard

General Jewish History and the Historical Method:

"Wanderings" - Chaim Potok's History of the Jews
"A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People" edited by Eli Barnavi
"Historical Consciousness and Religious Tradition in Azariah de' Rossi's Me'or 'Eynayim" by Lester A. Segal

 Biblical Ecology

"Nature & Man in the Bible - Chapters in Biblical Ecology" by Yehudah Feliks
"The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology" by Rabbi Ellen Bernstein

America and Judaism

"America's Prophet: Moses and the American Story'' by Bruce Feiler

Later History

"The First Book of Maccabees" by Sidney Tedesche and Solomon Zeitlin
The Dropsie College Edition for Hebrew and Cognate Learning

Salome Alexandra, Queen of Judaea, established the first Public School System
(Research this as it needs to be known as a pivotal event in early Judaism).

Tools for Research:

Davka's Judaic Classics Library II (for searching on Hebrew keywords in the Tanach)


Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (who taught the roots of the Nazarener Rebbe and introduced me to the Four Faces of HaShem)
Rabbi Gershon Winkler (who taught us to walk our talk)
Benyamim Tsedaka (Samaritan scholar and representative of his tradition)
Daniel Vanriper (who teaches the importance of the Name of Yahweh in Ancient Israel)
The Jewish Renewal community of rabbis and teachers (for sharing and living the Holy Presence of Shechinah)
The Century One scholars